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Преимущества программного тюнинга
Нам часто задают вопрос: какие отличия между “программным” тюнингом и…
Почему BSR?
Чип-тюнинг от BSR имеет ряд преимуществ, например 2 года бесплатной…
Иван Васильев volvo xc70 D5 2009 года выпуска 185 л.с.
Пока не так много наездил. В основном по городу... и…
Alexander.Vitman, 9-5 185л.с./278 Нм - 229л.с./378 Нм
до чиповки не думал что прибавка только от чипа может…

Unique and user friendly tuning technology developed by Swedish high-tech company BSR.

The PPC® Tuning System comes pre-rogrammed with both a tuned software as well as stock software and with the PPC you can easily, in a few minutes, program your car with the software of your choice.

The PPC unit is connected to the OBD connector in the car, and in a matter of minutes the car has been reprogrammed.

PPC Tuning System® advatages:

Programming is peformed without any need for mechanical attention.

The PPC unit contains both stock and tuned software that allows the customer to easily swap between the two.

The customer receives the latest software revision available.

During software upgrades at regular service and maintenance routines from the car manufacturer, the customer will receive an updated tuned software from BSR to match the new stock software.

The PPC unit connects to your PC for fast downloads of new revision softwares.

PPC Tuning System® is available for cars with either petrol, ethanol or diesel engines.

PPC – Press the button, and your car is tuned in minutes. Fast, easy and reliable!